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Daftpage is a cute landing page builder. It's the simplest way to build, fun and effective landing pages for your business.


Compose your page with blocks

Blocks are functional templates you can use to emphasize your copy. They are designed to offer the right balance between ease of use and customization so that your page will always look great.


Tell your story

Simply click on an element of your page to edit it.


Spice it up with drops!

Drops are drag & drop elements positionable anywhere on the page. Anchor them to blocks to make them work with the responsive layout.

🎨 Draw

Turn your landing page into a real piece of art!


When you are ready just push the publish button to make your website publicly available.

https://daftpage.s3.amazonaws.com/projects/ckwo2eeho000708ky0m9adrdt/assets/ckwtwq83p00073e6aaoym4fyu-Screenshot 2021-12-06 at 00.59.18.png

How is Daftpage better than other landing page builders?

There are many landing page builders out there. They are either expensive, hard to learn. But most importantly they output lifeless, impersonal, websites. I miss GeoCities like websites from the 90s where you could find very unique pages reflecting the personality of their creators. In the meantime landing pages for businesses need to be very well structured and clear to expose the value proposition for potential customers. So how do you bring more life to a landing page and still provide intelligible information? By dropping some chaos🔥 Think about it. What would life have been in the Universe without chaos? If the universe was a perfect grid it might have been too cold to offer optimal conditions for life to grow. Life is this little entropy in a perfect system allowing uniqueness. My mission is to make websites alive.



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Probably the best tool if you need to quickly setup a landing page

Head of data @Intuit

You will be amazed by the simplicity

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