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Drops are drag & drop elements that can be positionable anywhere on the page.

Anchor them to blocks to make them work with the responsive layout.

Use them to make your site a bit more fun!

  1. 1 . Click the “Drop” icon located in the toolbar to open the media library

Anything from the media library can be a drop!


  1. 2 . Click on a drop to enter drop mode

ℹ️ Your drop is stuck behind block and you can’t click on it ?


  1. 3 . Drop mode


By default drops are anchored to the main anchor (this is the white rectangle on the screenshot above).

The anchor is the element that the drops will use as a reference to position itself on the screen.

Drops are moving relatively from the top left corner of the anchor

Drops will not be visible on small screens when positioned outside of the white panel (main anchor).

Drops can be anchored to any block.

When a drop is selected click on the anchor icon to enter “anchor mode“. Then select the block you want to use as the anchor.

When a drop is anchored to a block it will be positioned relatively to the anchor top-left corner.



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